6 Different Types Of Racing

6 Different Types Of Racing

When we talk about sports competitions, racing is one of the most exciting forms. No matter it is running race, car race, animal race or motor race, all are unique in nature. So, they all grab the attention of an enthusiastic group of people and sports-lovers.

To make such races more adventurous, hosts add variations and hurdles in it. So, there are a few different types of auto racing. Following are the different disciplines of racing.

1. Sports Car Racing

There are two types of wheels in the sports car. One is grand tourers (GT) and another is the prototype. Former is production derived models and the latter is purposely built cars designed to compete for closed circuits.

Such two-seater cars are leading in FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) series because of its technology less structure. It is also famous for its 24 hours race.

6 Different Types Of Racing
6 Different Types Of Racing

2. Open Wheel

Unlike sports car, open wheel car is one seater along with large open wheels. Such wheels are located outside the body of the car. It is the most professional form of racing that meets all racing standards.

The races are organized in separate circuit tracks which are specifically designed for such kind of racing. So, this type of races is also known as Formula racing.

3. Dragging Racing

The stunt cars are used for drag racing. So, cars tuned for high-speed performance and the best acceleration in order to win the race. The competition takes place streets, airstrips, and other dragging areas that require stunts. However, the length of such tracks remains short in most of the cases.

4. Touring

Touring cars race in events like World Touring Car Championship, Supercars Championship, British Touring Car Series, etc. It requires special tracks to run and such tracks are popular in UK, Europe, and Australia.

The competition is held among closely matched specifications of cars made by different companies. These production derived race cars adopt reverse grids and qualifying sessions.

5. Rallying

Rallying tracks are quite tough. Such tracks are exposure to varying road widths, weather conditions, and terrain. Generally, closed public roads or off-road areas made of gravel, asphalt, snow, ice, etc. are used for rallying race. So, rallying tracks demand not only concentration and patience but also grit and the perfect grip oversteering.

These races run in a dot-to-dot format. Such dots work as regular intervals and starting points. So if you want to win the race, you should give a sensible response to the speed of the car.

6 Different Types Of Racing
6 Different Types Of Racing

6. Street Racing

The newly produced cars compete with each other without any modification. So, it is also known as showroom stock racing or production car racing. The race works on certain rules and regulation. Such restricted rules make this race economical compared to other races.

Mostly, the race holds on tight city streets or mainstream streets. The new cars in the race fight for speed, performance, and go furious to win the race. However, such race never goes solo in order to prove its efficiency. So, they always race in stocks.

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