5 Formula One Models Fast Car Lovers Can Buy

5 Formula One Cars Fast Car Lovers Can Buy

For some, the life of an F1 race car driver is the epitome of cool. Living with the speed and the glamour is something that a lot of men aspire. Yet, not everybody has what it takes to become one. F1 race car drivers are a rare breed of individuals that does not only have excellent driving skills but nerves of steel as well. However, you can always become a high-speed driver in your own right. All you need to do is to buy F1 cars that are being sold in the market.

It might sound impossible for someone to own a vehicle that is worthy of the Formula One circuit. But, if you have the money, it is actually achievable. Here are some car F1 car models that you can buy in the market.

5 Formula One Cars Fast Car Lovers Can Buy
5 Formula One Cars Fast Cars Lovers Can Buy

Fast Car – 1977 Lotus Formula 1 JPS

Lotus is one of the first in developing these type of cars and have been the frontrunners in the 1977 championship. The team that they had back in the days is one of the most innovative. In fact, they are the first ones to work on the aerodynamics of race cars to improve their performance. There are a restored 1977 Lotus Formula 1 JPS available in the market right now. The best it part is5the classic Lotus team was the one who restored this car.

Fast Car – 1982 Arrows A4-2

It might be true that the Arrows A4-2 did not get a win in the Formula One stage. However, this does not mean that they have not made super fast cars. If you have a quarter a million dollars to splurge, you can own Mauro Baldi’s old racer. This model comes with a new power unit and five sets of wheels. You can take it straight to the circuit after paying for it.

5 Formula One Cars Fast Car Lovers Can Buy
5 Formula One Cars Fast Car Lovers Can Buy

1984 Toleman TG184-2

If you want a car that has some history, then this is actually a great find. This was the Toleman that Ayrton Senna drove to get his first podium in Formula One. What’s even more impressive is that he did that with this car that was generally uncompetitive by any standards. The seller of this car did not put a price on it, but it is definitely for sale for anyone who has deep enough pockets.

2001 BAR Honda

This was the car that Jacques Villeneuve when got featured on the podium twice in 2001. Though it was only able to claim third place in both the Spanish and German Grands Prix that year, this car has proven to be a fighter. You can actually get this car at a price of £60,000. There is possibly some added cost to that if you want it to be race ready again. But still, it is a great deal nonetheless.

2002 Jaguar R3

The 2002 Jaguar R3 did not really have that much success in the Formula One race. Its best results were third at the Italian Grand Prix. Ultimately, its history in the circuit is not that pretty. However, if you are just want to own an F1 car. This could be a great option for you.

If you do a quick research online, you can find these cards posted for sale. They may not be the best ones out there, but they sure are good enough for you to experience the thrill of driving a Formula One car.

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