4 Real Car Racing Games To Play If You Love Racing

4 Real Car Racing Games To Play If You Love Racing

Real car racing is not something that everyone can do. Also, those race tracks are not available everywhere. However, if you feel like taking part in the racing car scene, then you can achieve it. You can get the same experience virtually by playing different games.

There are a lot of different racing games which are available for android, ios, and even windows. The gameplay creates in such a way that it looks real. If you are a racing car fan, then check out some of these games.

Project Cars

It is one of the best racing cars games for PS4. The back end of the game is developed with high precision and detail so that it can replicate real life. The game starts by you being a driver on different tracks and terrains.

You can also change cars in the game. The game has a collection of F1 cars to sports cars. You have to compete against other AI drivers for trophies and titles. Project cars have 74 different cars with 30 locations and 110 different courses. The games also have a dynamic of the time of the day with the weather system and pit stop so that it looks more real.

4 Real Car Racing Games To Play If You Love Racing
4 Car Racing Games To Play If You Love Racing

Real Racing Car Game

This particular game runs on both android and ios. It has luxury licensed cars which run on asphalt roads. The vivid graphics in the game are top notch with amazing sound quality. You can choose the car of your liking in this game.

With fantastic gameplay, racing car game successfully replicates the real-life car racing scene. There are different game modes available where you can challenge your opponents. Each corner has hurdles in the form of local crews and cops, which make the game enjoyable.

GT Racing 2

GT Racing 2 is another car racing game, which is super fun. It has 71 different cars from over 30 manufacturers. There are 13 different tracks available. Also, you will have a chance to engage with 1400 various events.

The game provides weekly challenges to its players as well. To make it more real, they have added a feature where you can race online with different players.

4 Real Car Racing Games To Play If You Love Racing
4 Real Car Racing Games To Play If You Love Racing

TrackMania Turbo Real Car Racing

It is another PS4 game which is lovely. The players get to race at high speeds while crossing various obstacles. It has an intense and wild gameplay style as it replicates the car race scene as closely as possible. In this game, you can also build your tracks.

Besides that, it offers multiplayer screen feature as well. The game would challenge its players with 200 different tracks also. A multiplayer offline mode is also offered, where it is possible to play with 4 different players. All these features would make you feel like you are actually on the racing track.


These were some of the games that you can try playing if the real car racing sport fancies you. It is fun, thrilling and does not require any special training.   

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