4 New Moto Racer Bikes In 2019 That Are Super Fast

4 New Moto Racer Bikes In 2019 That Are Super Fast

People who love super fast moto racer bikes are a rare breed. Not a lot of individuals can actually handle and even love the speed of these vehicles. If you are one of these people we are talking about, then you will love this collection. Makers of racing bikes have released some pretty great bikes in 2019. These new models are all built to satisfy your need for that adrenaline-inducing ride with style.

4 New Moto Racer Bikes In 2019 That Are Super Fast
4 New Moto Racer Bikes In 2019 That Are Super Fast

BMW K 1200S

If you own this super fast touring motorcycle, you will be capable of making other riders eat dust at 174 mph. Aside from that, it also has the best suspension and braking system that BMW has ever developed. And just like the other vehicles produced by this maker, it has a design that will surely make heads turn.

Specifications you need to know:

16 valves four-cylinder engine, 1157 CC
Produces 164 HP @ 10250 rpm maximum power.
Produces 129 [email protected] rpm maximum torque.
Top speed: 174 miles per hour.
0-100 km/h : 3 seconds.
2*320mm disc with four-piston calipers front brakes.
Single 265mm disc with two-piston caliper rear brakes.

MV Agusta F4 1000R Moto Racer

Well, if you have a taste of exclusive and exotic moto racer bikes, then you should consider this model. This Italian manufacturer has never failed to churn out stunning motorbikes. However, you should know that the MV Agusta F4 1000R is not all style. It is a
a high-performance bike that can reach speeds of 184 mph. That’s just pure power for you.

Specifications you need to know:

four cylinders 16 radical valves, 1000 CC liquid cooled engine
Produces 174 HP maximum power
Produces 115 Nm @10000 rpm maximum torque
6-speed transmission
Top speed: 184 miles per hour
Dual 320mm disc with four pistons radial caliper front brakes
Single 220 mm disc with 2 piston radical caliper rear brakes

Yamaha YZF R1 Moto Racer

This list will not be complete without a Japanese-made bike in it. And it is not just for diversity, the Yamaha YZF R1 is a mean and beautiful machine. This sleek motorcycle produces power up to 200 hp. Aside from its impressive performance, it also has a futuristic design that you will surely love. So, to put it simply, it is a well-designed machine that runs at 186 mph.

Specifications you need to know:

16-valve liquid cool inline four-cylinder 998 CC engine
6-speed transmission fuel injection engine
Produces 200 [email protected] rpm maximum power
Produces 112.4 [email protected] rpm maximum torque
Top speed: 186 miles per hour.
Electronic package for a high performance inspired by Moto GP
320 mm, four-piston caliper hydraulic dual discs front brakes
220 mm hydraulic single disc rear brakes

4 New Moto Racer Bikes In 2019 That Are Super Fast
4 New Moto Racer Bikes In 2019 That Are Super Fast

Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird

Honda moto racer bikes have always been a favorite in the motorbiking community. And this group was obviously thrilled when the maker released this model. Well, they have the reason to be since this model just dethroned the Kawasaki ZX-11 as the fastest production motorbike at 190 mph.

Specifications you need to know:

1137CC, four-stroke, inline-4 engine.

6-speed transmission.

Maximum power: 152 HP.

Maximum Torque: 119 [email protected] rpm.

Top speed: 190 miles per hour.

Twin balance shaft for exceptional smoothness.

Front brakes: 310 dual discs with three-piston calipers.

Rear Brakes: 256 mm single discs with 3 piston caliper.

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