2020 Formula Racing- F1 Racing Schedule

2020 Formula Racing Schedule

All people who know driving love to drive their cars. And, the ultimate dream of many of them is to drive a formula 1 racing car.  The reason is that it is way for them to pamper themselves with unforgettable adrenaline rush. In fact, it can be an experience of a lifetime. Plan an f1 racing schedule in order to experience the thrill and excitement of a car race. Plan it properly so that you can make it an electrifying program.

Practice Race For Experience

There is no better way to be an experienced formula 1 race maker than practicing it. Of course, you may have the potential to do that. At the same time, you can be perfect for making f1 race schedule by practicing it. The first thing you need to consider the cost of the car for the race.  You need to spend millions of dollars to make your formula one racing car. Money is also involved to practice for the race.

2020 Formula Racing Schedule
2020 Formula Racing Schedule

2020 Formula Racing Schedule

It is the time for F1 race schedule as the new season for the year is about to set.  For scheduling it, you need to consider several strategic and technical aspects.  In fact, it can make the form factor throughout the season. It may be the first round of race in your country. The cost of the race is another factor to consider before planning it.

Make The Formula 1 Car For The Race

Making a f1 race schedule and participating in it is not a simple thing.  It costs millions of money. In fact, you must have an idea about how much money require to make a formula 1 car. Based on some estimates, it costs more than $12 million to build a formula one car. Another thing is that the concerned authority for the race usually made several changes related the car designs for the race in each season.

Budget for f1 race schedule

Many of you may not know much idea about the money spend to schedule a Formula 1 car race.  In fact, bigger teams like Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull spend more than 400 million dollars every year in order to build the best car for each season. The money they spend include the cost of drivers, mechanics, engineers and their staffs.

2020 Formula Racing Schedule
2020 Formula Racing Schedule

Effect Of Corona Virus Outbreak

Most of the f1 race schedule was revealed even in 2019. Many races were scheduled to play out. Unfortunately, most of them have been cancelled due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Many countries have published revised calendars regarding some formula one race. They will announce further races in due course.

There is no doubt that making an f1 racing schedule is not so easy. But you can make it a lifetime electrifying program with proper planning. It is an opportunity for you to set the pulse rating of many people with an unforgettable experience. Most of the formula one races scheduled were cancelled due to the outbreak of corona virus. And the concerned authorities will announce the new schedule for the year in due course.

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