2020 F1 Driver Line-Up: Latest News And Rumors


Racing season is coming, and the curiosity of the driver line-up is giving everyone jitters. All the enthusiastic fans are waiting for the F1 race seasons and seeing their favorite F1 drivers racing against each other to win the title. The F1 drivers have a huge fan following not only in the countries that they come from but also around the globe. The F1 drivers are hardly not missed by their fans. The news about the F1 driver line-up is just increasing the excitement of the F1 races to begin. The top three 2020 F1 driver line-up list is Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull.

2020 F1 driver line-up: latest news and rumours
2020 F1 Driver Line-Up: Latest News And Rumors

#1 Mercedes

Mercedes and F1 go way back, and the relationship continues until today. The first on the line-up for the F1 race is Mercedes. The company and participant before the Belgian Grand Prix told the world about it being the first in the line-up for the F1 drivers. Lewis Hamilton will have Valtteri Bottas as his partner for another race. Mercedes wants to keep the winning streak of the partners going for another run. Valterri Bottas got an extension from Mercedes for another year. He will be the partner to the world’s reigning champion of F1, Lewis Hamilton. There was another speculation that Esteban Ocon will be alongside Lewis Hamilton. Still, Mercedes broke down the rumor as soon as it said Valterri Bottas would become the racers along with lewis. Renault driver for the 2020 F1 race will be Esteban Ocon.

#2 Ferrari

Ferrari will be the second on the list of the F1 driver line-up. You can easily guess who will be representing Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel. The performance that Sebastian usually gives hit a lousy turn this year. Sebastian Vettel made everyone hope that he would hold the key, but he left everyone disappointed. Things for Sebastian began to improve only after the Singapore race, where he was the victor. Following that victory, was the victory in Japan, and coming second in the Mexico race. He retired but came back with Ferrari for the 2020 F1. He is second on the list of F1 driver line-up.

2020 F1 Driver Line-Up: Latest News And Rumors
2020 F1 Driver Line-Up: Latest News And Rumors

#3 Red Bull

Red Bull is third on the list of the driver line-up. No one from this team has made an announcement yet, which led to the world only making guesses and speculating who Red Bull will put behind the wheel in the F1 2020. The driver of whose name keeps coming up is along with Max Verstappen is Alex Albon. Red Bull is a participant that shows very consistent growth in the F1. They have a good steak with the F1. One driver, which is for sure, is Max Verstappen. He has a contract with Red bull that will be going on even in 2020. If Alex Albon becomes the driver with max, Daniil Kvyat and Galsy will race the next race, Toro Rosso.

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